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Why polycarbonate greenhouse?
Polycarbonate twinwall sheeting is the perfect glazing for any greenhouse. This material translates its many unique features into cost saving benefits for you. The surface of this material is protected from the degradation effects of UV radiation by a proprietary coextrusion process. Beneficial infra-red light passes through the material promoting an ideal growth environment.In addition, the resins used to make this polycarbonate are specially developed for excellent flame retardant properties.
Tell me more about the benefits of using polycarbonate sheets in a greenhouse?

Using polycarbonate sheets rather than glass in a greenhouse means that the chances of you having to replace them are greatly reduced. This is because they are much stronger and are much more resistant to any kind of blow to them.

The sheets that are made from this material all have ribbed channels along them and this will further helps to diffuse and break up the sun rays as they try to enter the greenhouse. So the need for including additional shading in order to protect the plants inside is greatly reduced.

Also each polycarbonate sheet has channels running along it and these further provide protection for them against both insects and dirt. Also these channels help to prevent the build up of condensation in the greenhouse and aid in actually getting the condensation to drain away.

Greenhouses, which use polycarbonate rather than glass, are very well insulated and this will further extend the time that you are able to grow plants for. Plus if you choose to heat your greenhouse during the winter months in order to provide further protection, then the loss of heat from this is greatly reduced as well.

Does a polycarbonate greenhouse keep heat well?
Greenhouses that use polycarbonate are far better insulated than those that use glass and are better able to keep the temperature inside at a more constant level. Effective heat loss reductions from polycarbonate when used, savings of up to 50% have been documented while using this glazing. This provides a betterand more conductive atmosphere to them growing good quality healthy plants.
Please provide more details of your greenhouse!
Our greenhouses come with
• Two gutters to collect your own water, you will save on water and do your bit to help the environment.
• Aluminium frame strong enough to bear 150kg snow and the strong wind in the winter as well as minimal maintenance.
• Zinc plated steel (For bottom frame & pegs)
• Twin Walls Polycarbonate panels (with UV coating & protect film, ultraviolet radiation proof)
• Two or Four opening Roof Vents
• Base and Ground Anchors to help secure your greenhouse to the base and ensuring extra stability
• Easy to assemble (Detailed assembly instruction manual included)
• Green powder coating (for longer life)
How easy are the greenhouses to erect?

Since a large proportion of our greenhouses come in panels it is much simpler to erect than cheap alternatives. We send comprehensive instructions, which are easy to follow. All the poly sheets are held in place using a U-Channel system, which handle high wind much better. There are no fiddly clips or messy putty to worry about. A good weekend with a friend or two and you should be on your way to enjoying many years of happy gardening.

Can I use hobby greenhouse for education proposes?

When people think of a greenhouse, they usually imagine large greenhouses run by commercial nurseries. But there are greenhouses that are operated by home vegetable growers, hobby gardeners, and there are even school greenhouses. If you haven’t seen one, school greenhouses are a great way to enhance education. For educators looking to add an alternative to traditional education, there are some benefits to school greenhouses.

Hands-on learning
One of the things that make greenhouses a big winner for learning is that they offer a hands-on learning experience. Kids learn about the life cycle and the stages of plants by helping to make them grow and by using school greenhouses in practical experiments. It’s one thing to see a picture of a plant in a textbook, but it’s a different experience to be able to examine a real plant up close and learn about the parts of a flower, about how pollination works, or to examine leaves. If you add a hydroponics set-up in your greenhouse, kids can get to see root systems while you explain how they work. For those who learn best with hands-on experience, school greenhouses can greatly enhance the learning process.
Fun for Everyone
In addition to the educational benefits, school greenhouses give new opportunities for extracurricular activities as well as something to brag about in the school newsletter. A gardening club that meets before or after school might give kids a way to start a lifelong hobby of gardening, learning to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. And the results can be showpieces in school events, such as open houses.

I would like to be able to maintain a constant temperature in my Greenhouse all year round!

Auto Vent Openers provides the ventilation your greenhouse needs which is essential for the growth of healthy disease free plants. It allows you to adjust the temperature within your greenhouse without having to be at home. They can be adjusted to open/close within a temp. range of 15 and 25 degrees.

How does it work?
As the air in the greenhouse heats up the wax expands and pushes up a stainless steel piston that slowly opens the vent. The hotter the temperature the wider the opening, as the temperature drops the wax contracts, reversing the process and closing the window.
Having an Auto Vent Opener means you will not have to quit gardening due to weather conditions.

* Fully automatic heat activated greenhouse ventilation
* Fully adjustable to open between 15-25C
* Opens greenhouse window fully to 450mm
* Suitable for windows up to 7kg
* Easy fitting with clamps/screws provided

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment methods:
1. 30% of the total amount payable by T/T in advance and 70% balance by T/T against copy of BL (Bill of Landing).
2. Payment  in full for small amount purchases.

How long estimated delivery time?

Depends on the amount of goods you order, it usuallyrange from 15-45 days. Items may take longer to deliver during peak season. Please note that we provide delivery to china port only (FOB Guangzhou)

What are the shipping and handling charges?

Shipping and handling charges on international shipments are calculated at the time of order entry,please contact us for a freight quotation prior to placing your order.

How does the greenhouse arrive?

The greenhouse will arrive in three cartons. One carton for the polycarbonate sheets and one for the aluminum frame and third carton is for the base.

What happen if there are some missing parts?

Contact us immediately and we will arrange for the missing parts to be replaced.

Any warranty at all?

Of course, each of our greenhouses comes with seven years warranty.